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Sexuality: Your Child as a Sexual Being

All human beings, from birth until death are sexual beings. This includes, but is not limited to, the desire for love, affection, acceptance of self, the desire to be accepted by others, relationship development, and of course, sexual exploration and gratification. Being a sexual being goes far beyond the genital area and is truly the science of the self. Sexuality is rooted in biological genetics and chemistry, psychology, sociology and is expressed in most of our daily behaviors from what we say, how we behave, what we wear, what we think, and how we respond to situations in our environment - with or without the context of sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is a small, single component along the sexuality spectrum - yet it tends to receive the majority of the attention in American media and debate.

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Sexuality: Your Child as a Sexual Being
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People in America are bombarded with messages regarding sexual intercourse. Unfortunately what is usually communicated is often erroneous, unrealistic or a negative influence on the human psyche. Fortunately, with the right preparation and support, young people can develop into well-adjusted, responsible adults. The single greatest determinant of success or failure outside of personality and genetic predisposition, is the effectiveness of a Parent.

Parenthood is a daunting responsibility that comes with no formal didactic preparation. Yet, successful parents are those who know how and when to use discipline or flexibility, listen rather than speak, accept rather than admonish, and how to role model the type of human being her/his child is to imitate and develop into. Of course, as all parents know, love, affection, positive attention and support are as important to youth development as food, water and shelter.

Your child is a sexual being. And as futile as trying to prevent breast development and menstruation in females, broadening shoulders and deepening voices in males, it is best to help your young person manage new and powerful emotions and desires, rather than ignore, manipulate or deny what a young person feels.

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