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Here is a compilation of web addresses that can be very useful for teenagers.

 Advocates for Youth www.advocatesforyouth.org
 American Dietetic Association - Nutrition www.eatright.org
 American Legacy www.americanlegacy.org
 The Anti-drug www.theantidrug.com
 Apples for Health - Homework Help www.applesforhealth.com
 Artcyclopedia.com www.artcyclopedia.com
 Awesome Library - Homework Help www.awesomelibrary.org
 Britannica Encyclopedia www.britannica.com
 California Department of Health Services
   Teen Pregnancy Prevention
 Children's Picture Book Database www.lib.muohio.edu
 Club Drugs www.clubdrugs.org
 College Bound www.collegebound.net
 College Express www.collegexpress.com
 College Link www.collegelink.com
 College Net www.collegenet.com
 CyberBee - FoodQuest for Health www.infotoday.com
 DietSite - Nutrition www.dietsite.com
 Dr. Koop www.drkoop.com
 Do Something www.dosmething.org
 The Door www.door.org
 Drug Information - Inhalants www.drugabuse.gov
 Embark - College, Scholarships, 
   Careers, Majors and more
 Emergency Contraception ec.princeton.edu
 Encarta - College Prep encarta.msn.com
Encarta - Reference encarta.msn.com
 Facts On Tap - Alcohol www.factsontap.org
 Family and Children Services www.community.wa.gov.au
 Financial Aid for Students www.fafsa.ed.gov
 Food Finder-Fast Food Facts www.olen.com
 Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network www.glsen.org
 The Gender Identity Center www.transgeder.org
 Gender Org. - Gender Advocacy www.gender.org
 Girls, Inc. www.girlsinc.org
 GLMA - Gay/Lesbian Support www.glma.org
 Herpes Zone www.herpeszone.com
 HIV Testing www.hivtest.org
 Homework Help www.homeworkhelp.com
 Homework Help www.homeworkhelp.about.com
 How to Be Popular in High School www.schoolelection.com
 Internet Public Library www.ipl.org
 Kids Click sunsite.berkeley.edu
 Kotex www.kotex.com
 Language Dictionaries www.online-dictionary.net
 Library of Congress www.loc.gov
 Living with Parents www.community.wa.gov.au
 Mach 25 Scholarship Search www.collegenet.com
 The Martin Luther King Center www.thekingcenter.com
 Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus and More www.m-w.com
 National Center for Lesbian Rights www.nclrights.org
 National Center for PTSD www.ncptsd.org
 National Institute on Drug Abuse - 
   Keep Your Brain Healthy
 National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, 
   Bisexual & Transgender Organization
 Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays www.pflag.org
 Pregnancy - Welcome to Pregnancy www.bbwpregnancy.com/pregnancy/
 Prevent the Addiction www.cdc.gov
 The Prudential Spirit of Community www.prudential.com
 SafeHorizon - Assault Support www.safehorizon.org
 Scholarship Help and Advice Center www.scholarshiphelp.org
 Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) www.siecus.org
 Something Fishy - Eating Disorders www.something-fishy.org
The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid www.finaid.org
 Steroid Abuse www.steroidabuse.org
 Stop It Now (Preventing Child Sex Abuse) www.stopitnow.com
 Tampax www.tampax.com
 Teen Health www.teenshealth.org
 Teen Parents www.teenparents.org
 Teen Site www.afterschool.gov
 Transgender Community Center www.transgender.org
 Unsure About Your Pregnancy? www.prochoice.org
 U.S. Chess Federation www.uschess.org
 Virtual - HIV - Test.com www.AIDSGame.com
 Volunteers of America www.voa.org
 Women in the Know - Health Information www.womenintheknow.com
 Women's Sports Foundation www.womenssportsfoundation.org
 VOX - Women's Rights www.plannedparenthood.org
 Youth. Org. - Gay, Lesbian, Safe Space www.youth.org
 Youth Venture www.youthventure.org

* For more information, check out UGTS for everything you need to know, or try some of the website links listed    under resources.

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