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Welcome to the answers to all of your questions related to love, relationships, sex, and becoming the best you can be! This site has been produced for you. The Youth Embassy concept was originally designed and put into practice with 4,000 young people in a broken-down, old portable shack in the heart of Miami, Florida for 8 years. The young people who learned to live, love and laugh in that very special place, have overcome tremendous odds and now live a life that would not have been likely had their time been spent elsewhere.

Youth Embassy is now a web site that enables young people from all over the nation and planet to ask questions, learn about themselves and others, and that despite all the confusion and problems, there is a way to succeed and become the person you want to be.

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Feel free to ask a question by sending an email to info@youthembassy.com. You don't need to include your real name, (but your age would help!) We usually respond back to questions within 24 hours! In the meantime, you can read through the past questions asked by thousands of people just like you! Click here to ask us a question now.

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* For more information, check out UGTS for everything you need to know, or try some of the website links listed    under resources.

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