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Youth Embassy is a safe site for all young people to visit and gain factual answers to their questions. Youth Embassy is also a resource where young people can be themselves and feel free to communicate in an environment where they are comfortable. But Youth Embassy is also designed for Parents and Guardians who want resources that can enhance their relationship with their young person. Youth Embassy offers resources for Parents to help them transition through child rearing to youth development during the early adulthood years.

Although the transition from childhood to adulthood is often arduous for young people, Parents are also faced with many challenges and need to transition from a time of discipline and direct supervision, to guidance, support and instilling a sense of personal responsibility and accountability in their daughters and sons lives. This can only be accomplished successfully through positive, active role modeling and supportive attention and understanding of the young person as a developing human being.

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The inherent responsibility of Parenthood is that of being the primary source of education and upbringing of her/his own child. In this day and age of earning an income and struggling with everyday life challenges and time issues, it is quite common for many Parents to place young adults on automatic pilot. As the bodies of our children begin to mimic those of fully grown adults, we naturally begin to feel that our role is diminished and not as important as when we were changing diapers and driving to little league games. However, most Parents also realize, even if subconsciously, that adolescence requires the same level of love, support and positive attention from Parents as during childhood only that it must be delivered in a different form.

Physical affection and verbal reminders of love and support are still necessary and often works wonders in helping youth overcome challenges. Of course, adolescence is also a time when young people need to develop their independence from parents as well, and thus, the relationship dynamic changes. Hence, Parenting during adolescence is similar to teaching a child to ride a bicycle for the first time the supportive adult needs to continue running along side during the teetering and tottering off-balance trials, all the while loosening the grip until the young person is confident in going solo safely.

Youth Embassy provides an opportunity for Parents to ask questions, access informational resources and supportive organizations.

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