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The Urban Educator

America's Sex Educator: Diary of an Urban Education Experience, is required reading for these audiences:
  • Beginning teachers
  • Health and Sexuality Educators
  • Parents with children attending public, private or charter schools
  • Education Reform Professionals
  • Youth Development Professionals
  • Teacher-trainers

America's Sex Educator is the factual account of a Health and Sexuality educator's 8-year career at an inner-city high school in the 4th largest school system in the United States. This chronicle highlights how an individual without any credentials or experience landed in a hostile, corrupt school system and only through listening to America's most vulnerable youth, was he able to learn how to connect and change lives, through a health and sexuality education course, and understanding.

Ignoring policy, politics, and egos, this Health and Sexuality educator created a curriculum and resources that were so effective in meeting the needs of at-risk populations, that academic institutions, national organizations, and even the federal government, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, adopted some of these methods, approaches, and critical topics to reach young people. Yet despite these accomplishments, an inept, but powerful school administration targeted and branded this educator as a trouble-maker for not being complicit to malfeasance and crimes against students.

America's Sex Educator exposes the corruption and incompetence that plague urban schools throughout America and explains why the countless "education reforms" and promises of positive change delivered over the past 20 years have only resulted in billions of taxpayer dollars being directed into the bank accounts of administrators at the school, district, county, state, federal, and corporate level.

America's Sex Educator shatters the time-honored beliefs held by parents and the American public that our youth are being placed into the hands of highly qualified and ethical school personnel, as well as reports the actual reasons behind the American teacher exodus.

But above all else, America's Sex Educator is a model for all those working with youth on how to create a positive, life-altering, impact on young people deemed unreachable, despite the harshest of conditions. Each passage is a statement and lesson in itself, and is an eye-opening account for:

  • Parents - providing an unfettered view of the daily business of education and what is happening to the young girls and boys, women and men in America's schools
  • University personnel - delivering the life lessons that cannot be seen or understood from an ivory tower
  • Teachers, social workers and psychologists - introducing the methods used for success working with urban, multi-ethnic youth, as well as the universal tenets for teaching the art of being human
  • College students preparing to enter the field of education - as a primer for the personal challenges and ethical dilemmas that await them.

Although the events described in this testimony are factual and have led to media attention in most cases, prosecution in others, all names of persons, places and institutions have been changed.

  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • Corruption in Education
  • Miami Corruption
  • Urban Educator
  • Inner-city Educator
  • At-risk Youth
  • Teacher Training
  • Beginning Teachers
  • Adolescent Health
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Youth Development
  • Student Rights
  • Union Corruption
  • Statutory Rape
  • HIV Education
  • Youth Development
  • Teen Sex
  • Inner-city Youth
  • Health Education
  • Successful Teachers
  • Business of Education
  • Vulnerable Youth

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