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Adolescent Sexuality

For Younger People:
Adolescent Sexuality is about you; your feelings, your body, and your relationships. This site is dedicated to answering any questions you may have about love, relationships, what you think and feel about sex, and
being the best you can be.

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For Older People:
Only when we can understand, accept and appreciate ourselves can we begin to do the same with others. The ability to love, trust and celebrate others stems from this awareness. Sexuality is the vast field that revolves around self-acceptance and the outgrowth of all relationships from platonic to romantic.

Adolescence is the time when recognition of the sexual self meets perceived social norm. It is a time when young humans begin their journey of emerging from childhood pursuits to satisfy human needs and desires, into adult pursuits to satisfy human needs and desires. This passage is often arduous, confusing and laden with agendas that drive young people down a path of emotional, psychological and physical dilemmas. The resulting tumult may manifest into undesirable life situations during the teen years, and often, emotional and developmental insecurities and dysfunctions later in adulthood.

Adolescence is the time when young humans need the reassurance that all feelings are normal, behaviors carry risk, options exist for all quandaries, and that personal responsibility is paramount for success.

Adolescence is also often a glorious period of self-discovery and personal growth that is frequently looked back upon with laughter, fond memories and wanton wishes for return; even with all of the foibles that make us human.

For those who have traveled this road, it is now our time for us to offer the support, acceptance and positive attention young humans need to develop into successful adolescents and productive adults.

* For more information, check out UGTS for everything you need to know, or try some of the website links listed    under resources.

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