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Teen Sexpert: one who through a mastery of science, research and extensive direct and professional interaction with adolescents, possesses the understanding, philosophy, theory and applications necessary to effect profound and positive growth in youth.

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About the Teen Sexpert:
The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality is a health professional specializing in adolescent health, psychology and behavior, and is regarded as one the nation's foremost human development specialists and adolescent ally.

The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality
is an advocate for youth.
is a defender of truth, equity and socially responsible freedom for all
is a realist who believes humans can live, love, and laugh fully through personal responsibility.
is an espouser of hope and personal empowerment development as the ultimate protective factor against high risk behaviors.
encourages each young person to use fact-based knowledge combined with her/his own personal family and religious belief system to make life decisions and live healthy.
empowers youth to make healthy decisions regarding their health and sexuality.
supports parents as the primary educators and resources for their young people.
endorses public school and public service sexuality education that is research - based, age appropriate, comprehensive and inclusive of the diversity and variations of human existence.
embraces young people of all belief systems and works to combat the spread of those who attempt to remove the rights of young people, parents and society with a singular, pervading religious doctrine for all people.
promotes real family values, for real families, and ethical standards for all.

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